Ludic Learning

In Mindstorms, Seymour Papert stated that

The educator must be an anthropologist. The educator as anthropologist must work to understand what cultural materials are relevant to intellectual development. Then he or she needs to understand which trends are taking place in the culture. Meaningful intervention must take the form of working with these trends.

Ludic Learning is therefore a blog that explores what good learning looks like using games as the main vehicle through which we can understand how good learnings works. This site is not called education, and reather learning, on purpose. A recurring theme of this blog is that education is a term strongly tied to school, where as learning is really somethng that humans do ALL the time. In fact, many of these blogs will provide evidenc taht the type fo "learnng" that happens in schools isnt bery mcuh good at all, and those that are educated are really just good at "school" itself. blah blah blah excuse the typos